FYI to Wall Street: Support This President at Your Business’s Peril


In light of this:

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is a member of President Donald Trump’s economic advisory team, called the Strategic and Policy Forum.

via “Protesters blocked Uber headquarters because of its ties to Trump

I’ve deleted my Uber account, and I recommend that anyone who cares about civil liberties or the rule of law do the same.

And as if Kalanick’s proximity to the Trump administration weren’t reason enough, yesterday when this happened:

Trump issued a sweeping immigration order on Friday, banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. By Saturday afternoon, protests had sprung up at airports around the country, where more than 100 visa holders were in limbo after the executive order.
In solidarity, the New York City Taxi Worker’s Alliance called for a complete stop to pickups from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at JFK airport, where two Iraqis were being detained.

via “Why #DeleteUber is trending”

Uber tried to undermine the protest by doing this:

So, from now on, I’ll be using Lyft:

Hours after the controversy popped, fierce rival Lyft announced that it would donate $1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union, which is battling Trump’s ban on travelers from certain primarily Muslim countries.

Lyft’s co-founders aggressively assailed the Trump policy, while Uber’s CEO was mildly critical.

“Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft’s and our nation’s core values,” Lyft co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green said in a blog post. “We stand firmly against these actions, and will not be silent on issues that threaten the values of our community.”

via “Lyft gives ACLU $1M to fight Trump travel ban as #DeleteUber trend erupts”

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